Thursday, June 3, 2021

New pages!

 Hello everyone, I've added new pages to the AMRC site: a FAQ page and a media download page for the R4LA logo. The FAQ is intended to answer questions/concerns people may often have about the Association; if you have any additional questions or comments to add to this page, please contact Sarah Bailey, the RSL, and she can update as appropriate.

The media page includes a link to the R4LA branding guide and graphics for download and use for digital and physical usage (such as promotional materials).

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

AMRC 2021 Campout

 This past weekend our Crew had its first overnight campout near Stockton, UT. We did archery and hung around the fire Friday evening. On Saturday we saluted the flag and got to work clearing deadwood around camp and chopping wood for a Mountain Man Rendevous the following weekend. In doing so we put chivalry into action and had a great time!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Ogden North Nature area hike

 Our Rovers hiked on the Quail Loop in north Ogden. The leaves are just coming out, and we spotted several birds, including wood peckers, robins, and a magpie. Pictures were taken by Lance.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Chief Deputy and Roundtable

 Hello everyone,

Since R4LA is now an official chapter of ISF, our Chief Scout has been moving forward with R4LA in developing its association-wide leadership. We have a Roundtable of Knights, made of the Chief Scout and Chief Deputies. I've accepted the offer to be Chief Deputy of Communications, which will be my primary title in R4LA, although I'll still function as the RSL of AMRC. My job is to help facilitate communications between partnership organizations and to help develop the visuals of R4LA, such as the emblem and branding. I'm excited (and slightly intimidated) to be this Chief Deputy, but I will do my best to deliver!

From now on, official communications to me will be through If you're already using the email, that's fine, as that is currently what the R4LA email forwards to.

Thanks, and happy scouting!

Sarah Bailey

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

R4LA now an official chapter of ISF!

 From our Chief Scout, Ken Pataky:

"Congratulations to R4LA! Our application has been accepted, and we are now a full member chapter of the International Scout Fellowship (ISF), a partner organization with the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS). ISF is a network of adult Scouts dedicated to fellowship and service to independent world Scouting as well as to the community."